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Express History

In online report space, Express History and our family sites are leaders. We are proud serve our customers around America with a outclass product. We are here to serve you 7 days a week.

  • We actively look for unsatisfied customers online and immediately provide refunds.
  • Good rating on reseller ratings.
  • Customer service is available for 7 days a week.
  • The offers we provide is reviewed and comply with Google and Bing’s strict compliance and reveal guidelines.
  • Over our competitors our reports frequently will save customers up to 25 dollars. This is leading to enormous savings for our customers with the millions of reports are sold. According to our Volume Discount packages customers can save them even more.
  • We have totally redone our back end to make it simpler and easier for our customers to get the report they purchase, this will largely remove customer to unable to open their reports.
  • We have totally updated our reports to offer the customer more details.


Vehicle Specs (Vin, Model Year, Make, Trim, Body Type, Manufacture, Engine, Production Country),Odometer Details, Junk & Salvage Details, Brand Summary with Explanation, Insurance Details, Vehicle Statistics, Accident Details ,Vehicle Registration Details, Local Details (when applicable), Custom Details (when applicable)